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uptime / провел
имя существительное
time during which a machine, especially a computer, is in operation.
The Internet has created the need for digital data access, server uptime , data protection and, when required, data recovery.
This immediate access to important background information proactively ensures maximum uptime for the library.
The uptime for the play machines has not been great, because they need to be monitored continually.
Modules can be added while the library stays online, with minimal impact on operations providing maximum uptime .
Consolidation projects strive to increase business uptime while reducing the considerable cost of high availability.
Given the distance to town and parts, machine maintenance and uptime are key.
Our main goals were to improve uptime and understand the causes for downtime.
This translates into faster service and more uptime .
Here, the IT staff presents the business managers with a range of options and associated prices for levels of uptime , recovery time, and application response time.
In most instances, cable modems give you great speed and fantastic uptime .
Customers want a robust infrastructure with 100 percent uptime and global coverage.