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upswing / подъем, улучшение
имя существительное
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, upswing
improvement, enhancement, betterment, amelioration, development, upswing
lift, rise, climb, raise, get up, upswing
improve, better, get better, ameliorate, develop, upswing
имя существительное
an increase in strength or quantity; an upward trend.
cigar smoking has been on the upswing
Recently the local news has featured a swag of stories indicating an upswing in teenage gang activity.
Officials pointed to an increase in illegal guns on the city streets as one reason for an upswing in killings this year.
Today, after many years of suspicion, the relationship is on the upswing .
an upswing in economic activity
The upswing in business in 1991 coincided with a growth in radio and television advertising.
cigar smoking has been on the upswing
The next five years will involve an intense upswing - perhaps more intense than anything we've seen in our lifetimes.
One of the main reasons for the slight upswing in the economic scale was the possibility of war.
There was an upswing of violence again today, yesterday, and the day before.
Over the past four years, you know, my career has kind of taken on a resurgence and an upswing .