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upsurge / подъем, рост, повышение
имя существительное
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, upsurge
growth, increase, rise, growing, height, upsurge
rise, raise, rising, elevation, hike, upsurge
rise, go up, mount, advance, heighten, upsurge
lift, rise, climb, raise, get up, upsurge
имя существительное
an upward surge in the strength or quantity of something; an increase.
an upsurge in violent crime
The attack came amid a major upsurge in violence across the country that has left a thousand dead.
Analysts expect the collapse of peace talks to spark an upsurge in violence.
an upsurge in vandalism and violent crime
The placing of the one tax on land values would likewise result in an economic upsurge .
Fox argues that a new village development plan is needed to cater for the upsurge in interest in living in the area.
He rejected claims that nightclubs are big contributors to an upsurge in drinking and street violence.
an upsurge in violent crime
In recent weeks there has been an upsurge in optimism about our economic prospects.
With crime down, the city was experiencing an unprecedented upsurge in population after decades of drift.
The recent upsurge in violence had forced a decision to cancel the scheduled tour, Merriman said.