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upstream / вверх по течению, против течения
вверх по течению
против течения
upstream, crosscurrent
имя прилагательное
riding, upstream
расположенный вверх по течению
плывущий против течения
имя существительное
верхний бьеф
upstream, headrace, backwater
moving or situated in the opposite direction from that in which a stream or river flows; nearer to the source.
a salmon swimming upstream
For boats leaving the canal and heading upstream to York, that means waiting until the ebb tide turns to flood, and the current reverses to flow back upstream .
When the medieval bridge was replaced with New London Bridge in 1831, the river could flow freely further upstream .
The same result was found for noncoding sequences upstream of accessory gland proteins.
He has also worked in communications, health, safety and environment at Shell, and spent much of his earlier career in upstream oil and gas production.
He had the right to have that river run through his land unimpaired and its quality undiminished except where it resulted from reasonable use of the river upstream .
The sequences upstream and downstream of the R-genes were examined to determine if clustering of genes could be detected.
It felt heavy as it hugged the bottom, slowly moving out in the flow then upstream .
By January 4, angling clubs were reporting difficulties as the River Ouse was frozen upstream of Rawcliffe.
In our case, the reference set was the upstream sequences of all the Arabidopsis genes.
The country's oil production problem is the poor condition of the upstream oil industry due to many years of neglect and the major investment and time required to boost production.