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upstart / выскочка
имя существительное
upstart, parvenu, squirt, jackanapes, mushroom, arriviste
имя прилагательное
newfangled, new, upstart, neoteric, new-fashioned
jump, jump up, up, hop, start up, upstart
заставить вскочить
внезапно появиться
turn up, burst into view, burst upon the view, come into view, blow in, upstart
frighten away, frighten off, upstart
имя существительное
a person who has risen suddenly to wealth or high position, especially one who behaves arrogantly.
the upstarts who dare to challenge the legitimacy of his rule
Suddenly, nobody wanted to sell paper to an upstart little company with a lousy credit rating.
A small upstart company making a small operating system would not present much of a target to hackers, and would thus pay negligible premiums.
At first she wanted to punch the nurse and storm off - how dare the young upstart speak to her like that?
The guitarist leader plays with the intelligent spark of an upstart and the relaxed confidence of a veteran.
Last year the upstart newcomers not only won their division but won the League as well, earning the right to go up against the mighty New York Yankees in the World Series - they beat them.
an upstart leader
But be scrupulously polite to the people you criticize: A polite upstart is more tolerated than a rude one.
Was last night as close as the upstart governor will ever get to beating the patrician Senator?
They're even worse than those of the XFL, the upstart football league that barely lasted a season south of the border.
It is a charge which the upstart organisation has been quick to dispel, stressing co-operation rather than conflict.