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upstairs / наверху, наверх, вверх по лестнице
up, upstairs, above, overhead, atop, aloft
up, upstairs, above, aloft, upstair
вверх по лестнице
upstairs, up the steps, upstair
имя существительное
верхний этаж
loft, upper storey, upstairs, abovestairs
верхняя часть здания
человек, живущий в верхнем этаже
имя прилагательное
находящийся наверху
upstairs, upstair
находящийся в верхнем этаже
upstair, upstairs
on or to an upper floor of a building.
I tiptoed upstairs
имя прилагательное
situated on an upper floor.
an upstairs bedroom
имя существительное
an upper floor.
she was cleaning the upstairs
The parents had thrown the child to the passer-by, who caught it as they struggled to escape from the thick smoke which had engulfed the upstairs of their Cook Street home.
The incident happened last Tuesday when sun on a glass ball ornament acted as a magnifying glass, causing the curtains of an upstairs bedroom to catch fire.
All the ceiling was virtually burned away and the flames went through to a mezzanine floor upstairs .
Each upstairs bedroom has a full en suite bathroom, with another half bathroom on the main level and another full bathroom on the lower level.
Not caring whether her mother was sleeping or not, Samara marched upstairs to the third floor of the house and to the master bedroom.
There are three bedrooms off the upstairs landing, which has extensive floored eaves storage and a built-in wardrobe.
The victim went with the man to look at the water under the sink and he believes it was at this point a second suspect entered the open front door and searched the upstairs of the house, finding the money in a spare bedroom.
On that occasion Jason, then four, smelt the smoke and the family escaped but the upstairs of the house was badly damaged and Miss Russell remembered the advice firemen gave her then.
An electrical fault was believed to have triggered the fire, which raged through an upstairs bedroom, causing the floor to collapse into the front room.
Ruth deposited her wet mackintosh on the floor and went upstairs , shivering every now and then.