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upstage / превосходить
exceed, transcend, surpass, excel, beat, upstage
в глубине сцены
arrogantly, superciliously, upstage
имя прилагательное
arrogant, haughty, contemptuous, lofty, supercilious, upstage
haughty, arrogant, proud, supercilious, cavalier, upstage
имя существительное
часть сцены в театре
at or toward the back of a theater stage.
Hamlet turns to face upstage
divert attention from (someone) toward oneself; outshine.
they were totally upstaged by their costar in the film
They part to reveal a man hanging upside down from a wall upstage , and a woman, standing in a spotlight down stage, reaching out to him.
Kit Conner enters upstage left and crosses to downstage right and sits down on the table with feet on chair.
The worthy fellow travels with heavy heart all the way to Bohemia, there to abandon the babe, whereupon he exits upstage right.
A life-size living room contrasts nicely with a miniature house, a full-size segment of a ship downstage with the entire ship in miniature upstage .
The actors upstage each other, and sometimes abandon the stage altogether, as part of this approach.
No spectacle could upstage the old soldiers, their recollections filled not with tales of their own part in the liberation, but with tributes to their comrades who fought and fell alongside them.
With stage shutters open to reveal a large drawing-room extending upstage , the partygoers are grouped around different card tables and involved in their card games.
Bart attempts to upstage Lisa when the pair co-host a children's news program.
With a sigh, she sat down on the brown, wooden stairs that led upstage .
Rebecca later denied claims that the star had attempted to upstage her.