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upside / верхняя сторона
имя существительное
верхняя сторона
имя существительное
the positive or favorable aspect of something.
This kind of dramatic scene does tend to have a positive upside in that respect.
an upward movement of stock prices.
However, the share placing is expected to satisfy the current demand for the stock, which will limit the upside potential in the shares over the short term.
Recent number releases have tended to be upside surprises that were positive for stocks and negative for bonds.
Restricted stock has much less upside potential.
upside potential
Already prepared for the worst on yields by the company's forecasts, the upside potential for investors is evident too.
First, it said on economic growth that ‘over the next few quarters the upside and downside risks to the attainment of sustainable growth are roughly equal’.
So their upside potential is not as great as conventional hedge funds, but the downside is more protected.
I guess they were originally very disappointed, or continually disappointed because the price of zinc has continued to rise, so that they've been left out of the upside .
The only upside that I could see to the situation was that since I couldn't go home for the holiday, I could spend it with Rob.
A lot of the upside forecast by Salomon is based on a sale of the US operation which it hasn't confirmed it will do.
But, as things stand, he is not offering current shareholders of Eircom a share in that upside potential.