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upshot / результат, развязка, заключение
имя существительное
result, outcome, effect, output, product, upshot
upshot, denouement, outcome, resolution, payoff, catastrophe
conclusion, imprisonment, custody, closing, inference, upshot
имя существительное
the final or eventual outcome or conclusion of a discussion, action, or series of events.
the upshot of the meeting was that he was on the next plane to New York
The upshot is that many hard-working health staff will have their hours halved.
The upshot is that until a new site has been listed by Google for a month or more, a search may not always retrieve it.
The upshot , of course, it that tyre shops now have thousands of used tyres clogging their yards.
The upshot , however, was an increase in the amount of time each listener spent with the station.
Sounds great in theory, but the practical upshot of this can be unsettling to the public.
The upshot is that for the forseable future, the Reserve Bank is essentially powerless.
The upshot of the January meeting was that seven of the nine-strong board resigned.
The upshot of this discussion for the questions with which we started can be put somewhat simply.
The upshot of the result is that Stars retain their ten-point lead at the top of the table.
What it could not do was predict with any certainty the political upshot of such a massive act of force.