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upset / расстройство, огорчение, осадка
имя существительное
disorder, frustration, upset, disturbance, disorganization, malady
chagrin, grief, upset, pain, affliction, concern
draft, upset, settlement, setting, sag, sinking
upset, unsettle, detune, disturb, thwart, baffle
grieve, upset, afflict, distress, pain, depress
violate, break, disturb, infringe, breach, upset
имя прилагательное
upset, haywire, unnerved, disconcerted, distempered, aggrieved
upset, inverted, capsized, overthrown
имя существительное
a state of being unhappy, disappointed, or worried.
domestic upsets
an unexpected result or situation, especially in a sports competition.
they caused one of last season's biggest upsets by winning 27–15
a disturbance of a person's digestive system.
a stomach upset
make (someone) unhappy, disappointed, or worried.
the accusation upset her
knock (something) over.
he upset a tureen of soup
shorten and thicken the end or edge of (a metal bar, wheel rim, or other object), especially by hammering or pressure when heated.
Pressure is then applied and the arcs are extinguished and upsetting occurs.
имя прилагательное
unhappy, disappointed, or worried.
she looked pale and upset
(of a person's stomach) having disturbed digestion, especially because of something eaten.
Place 1 drop of Peppermint oil in 1/2 glass of water, sip slowly to aid digestion and relieve an upset stomach.
She was so brisk and to the point that Fred felt uneasy and worried she might upset her when she had to tell her she didn't really know where Angel's car was found.
The upset father said he was not only worried about the physical injuries but also the mental trauma that would probably plague the boy for years to come.
It was delicious wine, though Geneva only drank water for she was fearful the strong liquid would upset her stomach, or perhaps hurt the baby.
Avoid raw vegetables (like salads) and fruits (especially citrus), which are difficult for an upset stomach to digest.
At Monday's meeting Cllr Deering stated that he was ‘very upset and angered that someone would go off to the media and publicly ridicule me’.
Minor side effects are usually an upset stomach, nausea, and dizziness.
I am deeply upset and sorry that this happened and I hope the injured person makes a full recovery.
All that concentration upset his stomach all over again.
An upset stomach stopped him from training on Tuesday and Wednesday but he is back in action now.
We read regularly about the horrors that can befall our planet if we upset the fine ecological balance.