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uprising / восстание, возникновение, вставание
имя существительное
insurrection, uprising, rebellion, revolt, rising, mutiny
emergence, origin, beginning, genesis, uprising, derivation
rising, uprising
имя прилагательное
rising, upward, ascendant, uprising, upcast, uprise
имя существительное
an act of resistance or rebellion; a revolt.
an armed uprising
rise to a standing or elevated position.
bright and red uprose the morning sun
an armed uprising
an armed uprising
There were various Kurdish uprisings in Turkey between 1923 and 1938.
This rivalry had involved civil wars, peasant uprisings , and religious strife of every description.
Armed uprisings against colonial rule in Africa meant that nearly half the budget was devoted to military expenditure.
This is why there are no popular uprisings to overthrow the dictators, because it is perceived as pointless.
He actively discouraged independent strikes and peasant uprisings .
It appears that the middle class - the decisive factor in previous uprisings - has yet to move decisively.
There were too many rebel factions, too many uprisings all across the country.
There have also been uprisings and movements of resistance in other countries of the continent.