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upright / вертикально
upright, plumb, apeak, erectly, endlong
имя прилагательное
vertical, upright, erect, plumb, portrait, upstanding
direct, right, straight, outright, straightforward, upright
honest, fair, honorable, upright, sincere, straight
имя существительное
rack, stand, counter, bar, pillar, upright
piano, upright piano, upright, pianino
prop, support, brace, post, stanchion, upright
имя прилагательное
vertical; erect.
the posts must be in an upright position
(of a person or their behavior) strictly honorable or honest.
an upright member of the community
имя существительное
a post or rod fixed vertically, especially as a structural support.
the stone uprights of the parapet
an upright piano.
One option for families with children studying piano is to purchase uprights with the reduced keyboard and trade up later, as is done with different size violins.
in or into a vertical position.
she was sitting upright in bed
Today, the stones lie flat and it is uncertain whether they were ever upright ; excavations in 1901-2 failed to reveal any sockets.
It attempts, in parallels, to raise serious political and emotional questions about the moral predicament of the present day upright people.
We follow the propshaft tunnel forwards along the keel to an intact and upright engine and a compact pair of boilers.
When officials are upright and vigilant, drivers will be extra cautious.
Today, on his third visit, Jason coaxed her to stand upright unaided (no grabrail) from her wheelchair.
The piano was a shiny black upright model, clean and well-cared for.
In this case, there are four antennas mounted on each of the three upright support structures.
Then I heard a choking noise and when I came into the lounge I found Lee stuck under the chair which was in its normal upright position.
Wil-Dog, who used to play in Macy Gray's band, plays electric bass, upright bass, and guitar.
It usually perches in a diagonal rather than upright position.