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uppity / наглый, чванный, спесивый
имя прилагательное
impudent, brazen, insolent, shameless, brash, uppity
donnish, uppish, uppity
uppity, uppish, haughtly
имя прилагательное
self-important; arrogant.
an uppity sister-in-law
Somehow I was led to believe that she was all uppity but she wasn't at all.
Perhaps more to the point, in a country formed by migration, uppity workers are always at the mercy of the next wave of incomers.
Dare the uppity saleswomen at Saks or Gucci treat her with disdain?
Papa used to say if you don't want to work don't open the store but he didn't rule out the option of slamming the door on someone's toes if they got uppity with you.
Yet rather than looking at the persistently disadvantaged economic position they're in and getting uppity , women have fallen silent.
Katherine wasn't just smart, she was a tiny bit uppity , too: she almost got herself thrown in jail for arguing with him about some issues.
I don't think it's anything to get uppity about.
A particularly uppity man ‘sees himself as the intellectual of the team’.
You just don't want to give those people any uppity ideas.
It means I'm getting uppity , thinking maybe I'm better than you.