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uppermost / самый верхний, высший, главный
имя прилагательное
самый верхний
uppermost, topmost, upmost
higher, supreme, top, high, upper, uppermost
main, major, chief, principal, primary, uppermost
самый главный
foremost, top, uppermost
самый высший
upmost, uppermost
прежде всего
primarily, first of all, above all, foremost, in the first place, uppermost
up, upstairs, above, overhead, atop, uppermost
имя прилагательное
highest in place, rank, or importance.
the uppermost windows
at or to the highest or most important position.
investors put environmental concerns uppermost on their list
He goes to the position that both students have now been in, but has both thumbs uppermost .
In light of the incapacity of the defendant to undergo trial, this is a practical change that keeps the need for community safety uppermost .
Recession is uppermost in the minds of politicians and chief executives as they gossip at the World Economic Forum.
As a visitor from the affluent west, I returned home with two thoughts uppermost in my mind.
Tim, what issues have been uppermost in voters' minds in this election?
In case after case, McCarthy kept the interests of the children uppermost .
Ohio's supreme importance in the election was uppermost in his mind as he urged everyone to go out and vote.
I have one thought uppermost in my mind and that is delivering value to shareholders.
With arms out in front of you and palms uppermost , bring the hands to the shoulders so stretching and flexing the elbows.
‘This thought should be uppermost in members' minds when they come to vote on 27 June,’ Bell said.