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upmarket / элитарный
prestigious, elitist
  • upmarket hotel - престижный отель
  • upmarket restaurants - элитные рестораны
имя прилагательное
Sky Bar is fine if you want an upmarket expensive bar to drink in before dinner but it is nothing special.
The downtown is dominated by modern skyscrapers and upmarket shopping malls.
Baqueira is an upmarket Pyrenean ski resort frequented by the Spanish royal family.
Hundreds of people attended the glitzy fashion show at the upmarket Kensington Roof Gardens nightclub.
This optimistic move comes at a time when other hotels in the upmarket sector have been suffering losses.
We need some sort of upmarket supermarket in the town to attract people here.
The ambience around the discreetly upmarket Le Faubourg hotel in the centre of Paris shows little hint of the eminence contained within.
They will also visit some of the city's trendy stores and hotels, to find out more about the upmarket section of the service industry.
It's 10 minutes from the centre in an upmarket and pretty area.
This week, Dell said it would like to take its product line upmarket .
Contrary to tradition, there are claims that festivals are going upmarket this year.