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uplink / восходящей линии связи
канал связи
communication channel, satellite communication channel
имя существительное
a communications link to a satellite.
The camp allows broadcast news crews to experiment with improved communications gear and satellite uplinks .
provide (someone) with or send (something) by satellite link.
I can uplink fax transmissions to a satellite
The company specialises in the uplink , distribution and management of audio, video and data signals to the broadcast and corporate market.
He said the uplink facility will be the first of its kind in Ireland, and will increase ‘Ireland's self-sufficiency in the satellite market.’
The problems arose when trying to use the uplink channel.
I'll transmit the requests directly to NASA so that they can feed it into the uplink for the SpyLink satellite.
Basically you put the pictures on to the computer, compress them, and then uplink them onto the satellite through a dish that's about the size of a laptop.
I checked her credentials through the satellite uplink , and they are all forged.
I can uplink fax transmissions to a satellite
Ground stations can downlink or uplink information collected on the other side of the globe nearly instantaneously.
This satellite uplink is positioned on the roof of CBS News headquarters in Kuwait.
I disconnected the current modem and plugged in the router to the phone line, and then moved onto plugging the network cable from the back of the router to the uplink port on the back of my switch.