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upholster / обивать мебель, вешать, меблировать
обивать мебель
hang, weigh, suspend, drape, swing, upholster
furnish, upholster
provide (furniture) with a soft, padded covering.
the chairs were upholstered in red velvet
For instance, Emerson found a fuzzy orange sweater fabric for $5 a yard and used it to make pillows and upholster the dining chairs.
She had plush upholstered chairs set up around the table with a special throne-like chair at the head of the table.
Those houses have flower gardens and interior furnishings such as upholstered furniture and armoires.
The floor is highly polished north Queensland hardwood, the lounges are beautifully upholstered in pastels and the walls support vibrant silks prints of the reef and rainforest by Sydney artist Lyndie Malan.
Consider replacing upholstered sofas and chairs with furniture made of leather, wood, metal or plastic.
Sitting on a fine upholstered couch was a blond man with perfect hair, teeth and clothes.
At an upholstery shop, a couple was dragging out a newly- upholstered sofa.
The chairs are upholstered in the same fabric used on the table and for the curtains, and the plain off-white rug prevents the floral pattern from becoming overwhelming.
You can often find upholstered furniture in brick red, and the color is a favorite in Oriental rugs.
Notice carefully how this is done: the curtains are made of the same silk fabric with which the wing chair is upholstered .