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uphold / поддерживать, придерживаться, защищать
support, maintain, endorse, sustain, encourage, uphold
stick, adhere, follow, keep, abide, uphold
protect, defend, advocate, uphold, guard, shield
confirm or support (something that has been questioned).
the court upheld his claim for damages
At the same time, Unicef will uphold its support of the code and will continue to call violators of the code to account publicly.
many furniture makers uphold the tradition of fine design
Credit Card debts are unsecured and no court will uphold their position despite their threat to sue you.
The right to our citizenship, however, carries the duty to uphold our traditions.
It was the first time a school had taken a stand in the courts to uphold its educational philosophy, Warder said.
You have a responsibility to the community to uphold responsible journalism.
Let us as Indians, uphold our tradition of fighting such racial prejudice.
It shouldn't surprise us if those trying to uphold this tradition are accused of being its heretics and saboteurs.
But he told them that they should strive to uphold its traditions and act without fear or favour.
As you may be aware I am the Speaker of the House of Commons and it is incumbent upon me to honour and uphold the noble traditions of the House.