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uphill / в гору
в гору
uphill, up the hill
имя прилагательное
идущий в гору
heavy, hard, severe, difficult, grave, uphill
difficult, hard, tough, tight, arduous, uphill
имя прилагательное
sloping upward; ascending.
the journey is slightly uphill
in an ascending direction up a hill or slope.
follow the track uphill
имя существительное
an upward slope.
Incredibly strong winds, and countless steep grades, and uphills , and the strain of a heavy trailer, and a worn differential made for low traveling speed.
Most walking routes went uphill a lot and I struggled.
We fail to appreciate and respect the uphill struggle that so many people face courageously and cleverly every day in what should be a simple choice for survival.
The Air America pilot who came to check out the airstrip gave it his OK despite a dip in the middle and an uphill slope to the whole strip.
As a party, we have an uphill struggle; not only to convince the electorate that we are worth voting for, but to convince our own members that it is worth staying and fighting.
Car-less people with housing problems face a ride to Viau metro station and either a trip on the 132 bus, or a 10-minute, uphill walk.
Have you ever noticed that institutional buildings face a huge uphill struggle to be welcoming, no matter how hard they try to soften their hard edges?
The farm road is now followed for about a mile and climbs uphill past farm buildings to reveal wide views of the West Pennines.
The cave slopes uphill about 12 [degrees], and the floor is littered with blocks of limestone.
Having witnessed these proceedings and listened carefully to what members of the committee had to say, I really do fear for the stability of the club during its tremendous uphill struggle.
Towards the end as we retraced our steps uphill a second time I was wondering if I'd make it.