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upheaval / переворот, сдвиг, смещение пластов
имя существительное
revolution, upheaval, overturn, takeover, cataclysm
shift, shear, translation, displacement, shearing, upheaval
смещение пластов
upheaval, upthrow
имя существительное
a violent or sudden change or disruption to something.
major upheavals in the financial markets
times of political upheaval
Even after Napoleon had been consigned to his island prison on Saint Helena the upheaval continued unabated.
Despite the upheaval , revenue continues to grow, as do jobs however, in many cases those jobs are changing.
The arrival of Timothy's new friends had not been the only upheaval in his recent experiences.
the first upheaval produced a hill which was called Roof Mountain
times of political upheaval
The ancient earth was prepared through thousands of years of geologic upheaval .
Much of the initial enthusiasm had cooled when the fall of the Bastille was followed by continued upheavals .
Her books, bearing ambitious titles such as Women, Resistance and Revolution, helped shape one of the biggest political upheavals of the 20th century.
The geological upheavals that divided rivers and river basins provided opportunities for speciation when fish populations were isolated.