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upend / перевернуть
roll, upend, coup
set or turn (something) on its end or upside down.
Kitty upended her purse, dumping out all her money
Open all the little bottles they give you and upend them in the water.
I turned to fetch milk from the fridge and in the process managed to upend the iron, which promptly headed for the floor and landed with a crash, rendering it somewhat ‘dismantled’ and burning the floor just for good measure.
Most recently, he teamed up with archaeologists near his Livingston, Montana, home to research a burial site that may upend theories of how humans arrived in America.
Harris suggested that teachers should challenge students, upend their settled ideas, and expose them to worlds far beyond their own experiences.
When trying to begin an experiment which involves cress seedlings, do not upend the seed packet and tip cress seeds all over the floor.
Almost worse, he says, was the insult of troops upending ashtrays, of throwing his clothes on the floor and stepping on them, and of smashing open suitcases they could easily have opened.
Frozen disks of meat were dropped onto one rotating chain; upended buns onto another.
I upended the pumpkin and cut the bottom out of it, then put it outside on our backdeck, over the decklight, sparing us the need to use a candle or a flashlight to light him up.
So they upended the futon and assembled the bed in my bedroom.
He had upended the bottle when he slammed the door.