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upcoming / развивающийся, подающий надежды, идущий вперед
имя прилагательное
developing, upcoming, proceeding, germinative
подающий надежды
budding, promising, coming, hopeful, upcoming, likely
идущий вперед
onward, upcoming
имя прилагательное
forthcoming; about to happen.
the upcoming election
If he feels well enough and wants to run in an upcoming election, I'd vote for him again.
This upcoming weekend promises to be full of lively and eclectic musical entertainment.
For most youngsters, the upcoming six-week break from school is the highlight of every year.
The headland's fate now seems to hang in the result of the upcoming federal election.
All in Mountmellick wish them the best of luck in the final and in the upcoming championship.
The company said it was taking a more conservative approach to the upcoming quarters.
Hoffman said everybody in his family was very excited about the upcoming ceremony.
The theme of the seminar was to prepare voters for the upcoming general election.
Best wishes are extended to the Club for success on their upcoming programme of events.
Hsu said he would continue to run in the upcoming elections despite the incident.