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upbraid / укорять, бранить, придираться
reproach, rebuke, upbraid
scold, revile, berate, rail, upbraid, chide
carp, find fault, fault, cavil, pick on, upbraid
find fault with (someone); scold.
he was upbraided for his slovenly appearance
It's a little ungrateful for Mr. Edwards to now upbraid the man who did so much to make the Senator's own fortune and political career possible.
And the newspaper is also right to gently upbraid him for the first article this week in his normally excellent notebook, which really is a piece of tripe.
When one of her fellow guests turned in his chair to look at her, she angrily broke off from the point she was making, to upbraid him.
I fled from the scene as fast as I could but nevertheless I could hear my father's voice as he continued to upbraid me until I was out of earshot.
The prime minister was upbraided for a governing style which made collective, cabinet responsibility almost impossible: ministers never saw key papers, relying instead on oral briefings.
She upbraids her mother and brother for caring more about ‘table-cloths and china’ than ‘her father, who was lying there in a sort of living death’.
I was once upbraided by a musician who heard me talking too enthusiastically about the possibilities provided by new instruments.
But she was anxious by nature and was forever upbraiding colleagues (mostly me) for turning up late or for writing 250 words on a story when she had asked for 200.
It is not unusual to see a small boy upbraiding his own mother for some act that shows a lack of modesty.
Her mother was far more critical than her father, constantly upbraiding her youngest daughter for the intensity and sensitivity she showed.