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up-tempo / -темп
имя прилагательное
played with a fast or increased tempo.
uptempo guitar work
To praise the uptempo songs and deplore the more balladic numbers would be to fall into the critical trap that admirers of the band have been stuck in for 20 years.
But then another of The Strokes' strengths is their ability to fuse desperate lyrics with uptempo music, barely allowing you the time to draw breath, or really contemplate the meaning.
The colours are bright, the music uptempo and the lyrics consistently engaging here.
They're very happy with the quality of the songs: ‘They sound even better than the first album, and we've included a couple of uptempo numbers this time,’ says Filan.
They play four highly charged uptempo numbers before trooping off with furious demands for an encore.
They attempted to sequence of the slower, darker songs interrupted by the faster, more uptempo ones to makes up for this.
A delightful scene has them alone in the gym, dancing pas a deux to an uptempo rock tune and obviously having the time of their lives.
An uptempo song was playing, something from the eighties, Valerie thought.
‘Poetas’ starts with a brooding arrangement for piano and cello, before the guitars come back and lift the track into uptempo jauntiness.
How satisfying is it to see the Nuggets once again playing the uptempo style they were known for in the '80s?