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unzip / расстегнуть молнию
расстегнуть молнию
unfasten the zipper of (an item of clothing).
he unzipped his black jacket
Download and unzip the tarball into your Web directory.
I slowly unzip my black sweater, letting it slide off my shoulders, grateful that I chose to wear a long sleeved shirt.
I unzip my jacket and pull my arm from the sleeve of my T-shirt.
To unzip a file, you need an unzipping utility like WinZip.
This last location isn't actually much use, because you need a password to unzip the file, but it does show the driver's finished.
DiskJockey is one very powerful file utility for any user who needs to move, copy, delete, archive, unzip an archive file, or change file attributes.
If you unzip our sample document and load content.xml into a text editor, you should notice a few things.
The halfling music major on the front row grinned and started unzipping the padded black case on the desk in front of him.
Sandra unbuttons and unzips her skirt and begins shrugging it down her narrow hips.
Will unzipped his jacket and pulled me closer to him, so that I might warm up.