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unwritten / неписаный, ненаписанный, незаписанный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
not recorded in writing.
documenting unwritten languages
Most members of the media follow a code - written or unwritten - that the method and location of suicide is not described, displayed or photographed.
Is there some unwritten requirement that when you go to a gig, if you don't have a T-shirt of a band performing, you have to wear another one with some other band in the ‘scene’ on it?
The enormity of Cash's legacy can be assessed by the fact that though the Man in Black wrote two autobiographies, much of his story was left unwritten .
Common Law was unwritten and represented the custom of the people.
As you have guessed, I am passionate about New Zealand's largely unwritten political history.
It was founded in order to fight the unwritten law on the job market that discriminates against older employees.
Is there an unwritten media rule to promote the dumbed-down and pretentious culture of ‘real life’ TV shows at the expense of our indigenous culture?
That seems logical but there is a catch: the social code in the officers' mess of a regiment such as the Grenadier Guards is unwritten and so nebulous that it takes an insider to make any sense of it.
Indeed, this rationale would render the unwritten doctrine of Marbury v. Madison itself invalid in cases involving the 21st Amendment.
Cajun French, for the most part, is a spoken, unwritten language filled with colloquialisms and slang.