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unwrap / разворачивать, развертывать, снимать обертку
deploy, develop, unfold, evolve, unwrap, spread
снимать обертку
remove the wrapping from a package.
children excitedly unwrapping and playing with their new presents
Once it has finished marinating and chilling, unwrap the fish and remove the coating ingredients.
In Germany, one should always unwrap the flowers before presenting them to a hostess.
Jess went into her bathroom and began to unwrap a plastic cup.
I began to unwrap the box and as I opened the cover I glanced inside and there was nothing inside.
She draped the cloak across a chair and began to unwrap the long package that she carried.
An army officer from North Yorkshire is preparing to unwrap an unusual present - an operating theatre.
I began to unwrap my presents
A joyful 60,000 guests welcomed back one old friend, made a new one, and watched their team unwrap some early presents.
A human voice speaking Japanese dips above the cacophony, and someone appears to be unwrapping a small package on the right.
It is a memory of them unwrapping the packages on the floor and excitedly talking to one another.