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unworthy / недостойный, нестоящий, презренный
имя прилагательное
unworthy, undignified, ignominious, reproachful
unworthy, of no value, trifling
despicable, contemptible, abject, pitiful, paltry, unworthy
имя прилагательное
not deserving effort, attention, or respect.
he was unworthy of trust and unfit to hold office
Secondly, you may suspect anyone who treats you well because you feel unworthy of respect or value.
‘The report was a very mean act, unworthy of a reputable media organization like the BBC,’ he told a press conference.
Likewise, historians of photography had paid relatively little attention to tintypes as being unworthy of serious scholarly attention.
Low scores indicate self-doubt, a belief that one is unworthy or undesirable, and lack of self-confidence.
There are those who argue that romantic fiction is, at best, on a par with soap opera and Hello magazine: in other words, unworthy of serious attention.
These may be small issues unworthy of attention, but such details can only help activists in their efforts to improving the quality of life for women and reducing gender discrimination.
As tools, these processes and habits don't fit, and the fault is not so much that the object of your studies is unworthy of your scholarly attention as that the analytical methods themselves are inappropriate.
His application to business was proverbial, though his attention to accounts is often held against him as unworthy of a monarch.
Even ardent royalists may soon begin to feel that their idols are unworthy of either respect or affection.
But if they thought the professor's speech was accurate, and they just wanted to avoid the hassle and cost of a lawsuit, then I think that this is a reaction that's unworthy of a center of learning.