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unworldly / не от мира сего, духовный, несветский
имя прилагательное
не от мира сего
not of this world, unworldly, otherworldly, supermundane, starry-eyed
spiritual, inner, ecclesiastical, moral, sacred, unworldly
имя прилагательное
(of a person) not having much awareness of the realities of life, in particular, not motivated by material or practical considerations.
she was so shrewd in some ways, but hopelessly unworldly in others
The light in these building's windows becomes something other than itself, a differentiated and unworldly color, defined by the imagination.
From now on, the notion of an unworldly pontiff belongs at best to magic-realist fiction.
The absence of a World Series ring is the last, the only blemish on a career that has climbed from the exceptional to the unworldly .
Far from the stereotypical businessman exploiting unworldly people, he had a refined appreciation for both silk production and the Thai way of life.
Everything about him seemed to emphasize how unreachable he would prove to be for a fatherless, penniless, unworldly girl like me, but something in his eyes told me that I had affected him in a way that was not completely unfavorable.
Could it be that, beneath their veneer of unworldly innocence, they're all secretly gagging for it?
Beyond it lies another world, quite unlike the one on bustling Queen West, a serene, unworldly oasis of miniature food, quaint dishes and exotic teas.
The cheapness of his productions allows another of Franco's gifts to flourish - his ability to transform real, undressed settings into unworldly zones of mystery simply by virtue of his eye for atmospheric detail.
His eldest son is a simple, unworldly soldier, who has lived most of his life in India.
Church was the place where music was a means of ‘spirit possession’, a quality hinted at in some of Gaye's unworldly vocal tapestries.