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unworkable / негодный для работы, неприменимый
имя прилагательное
негодный для работы
inapplicable, unworkable, impracticable, inoperable, unadaptable
имя прилагательное
not able to function or be carried out successfully; impractical.
complex, unworkable theories
It is in nobody's interest that an unworkable scheme is introduced.
It also doesn't help when companies come up with complex and unworkable investment schemes that people don't understand.
One of my greatest strengths has always been the ability to make the apparently impossibly unworkable work.
He said that it was more in farmers' interests than anyone else to have traceability but there was no point in trying to achieve that with a scheme that was unworkable .
The film producer behind Chariots of Fire said the scheme was unworkable .
If this decision stands, your Honours, the whole scheme is unworkable .
Part 3 introduces a scheme that is unworkable and unprincipled.
Critics say such a scheme is unworkable but already one example is working - or at least soon will be.
He said their proposals were too widely drawn, impractical and unworkable .
Not only would it be impractical and unworkable , I doubt whether anyone could seriously believe it.