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unwitting / невольный, нечаянный, непреднамеренный
имя прилагательное
involuntary, unwitting, unconscious, unwilled
inadvertent, unwitting, unconscious
unpremeditated, unwitting, purposeless, casual
имя прилагательное
(of a person) not aware of the full facts.
an unwitting accomplice
But what could other less reputable concerns do with such data captured inadvertently from unwitting Web sites?
By accepting everyone's (well, almost everyone's) invitations, he makes other people the unwitting authors of his destiny.
He was given a shot at sexist type reversion when commenting on the recently published parallel parking formula - written by an unwitting female.
Now coming up with tenuous rationales for persuading unwitting students to choose your major is hardly unique to any field of study.
The fate of as-yet unborn individuals did not fall from above into the hands of poor, unwitting scientists who want nothing other than the best for all mankind.
He, they believe, was carefully positioned by network executives as an unwitting victim of sloppy reporting by a subordinate.
We also know there are unreal news stories; that is to say we know that an unnamed source planted a made-up story with an unwitting reporter.
For maximum visual effect, she chose as her protest spot a seat down in the delegation rows on the floor, taking a chair offered to her by an unwitting man.
I like this shot because of the shift in interpretation that occurs between the window decal and the shadow it casts on this unwitting patron.
The attempted robbery took place at around 11.10 pm on Sunday in Pilgrims Lane, South Ockendon, turning an unwitting driver into a vigilante.