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unwise / неразумный, неблагоразумный, глупый
имя прилагательное
irrational, unwise, silly, subhuman, inadvisable, injudicious
imprudent, unreasonable, unwise, injudicious, indiscreet, inexpedient
stupid, silly, foolish, fool, dumb, unwise
имя прилагательное
(of a person or action) not wise or sensible; foolish.
it is unwise to rely on hearsay evidence
He said it was not for the court to decide whether it was wise or unwise , but whether it was open to the Government to make.
We believe it is unwise and unnecessary to destroy the program in order to save it.
The Government would be very unwise and foolish to attempt to get rid of her.
Anybody who had anything of value in his room was very unwise to walk out of his room without locking the door behind him.
He said it would be highly unwise to consider withdrawing the very measure that had proved so vital in the past.
We also noted that we would be unwise to conclude from these events that Casanova was exceptionally talented or clever.
It's always unwise to try and guess what Diana might or might not have thought or said.
They would be unwise if they did not, as more than one has admitted.
You would be most unwise , in local government, to assess a person as having needs that you knew you could not possibly pay for.
I often thought suffering is due to unwise management and control of the self.