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unwind / размотать, отдохнуть, раскручиваться
unwind, spell
untwist, unwind, uncoil
undo or be undone after winding or being wound.
Ella unwound the long woolen scarf from her neck
Imagine an unspoiled wilderness, a place to unwind , relax, and just enjoy the many natural beauties that abound there.
However now they are faced with a load of bureaucratic nonsense denying them their right to relax and unwind with their children.
I try to unwind it, but it's caught, so I unfasten the pole from the house and take the whole thing inside.
Someone at our Thanksgiving dinner decided that the best way to get my father to unwind was to pour him a triple of scotch.
Use relaxation techniques to unwind such as listening to music, taking a hot bath, going for a walk, a bike ride or reading a magazine.
the Grand Hotel is a superb place to unwind
Are you looking for a vacation spot where you can relax, unwind and get rid of every day stress without dying of boredom?
Just a 15-minute drive away, Branston offers another chance to relax and unwind in some splendour but requires a tad more energy.
Couples looking for a good way to unwind are also advised to check out a Colorado Mountain vacation.
At a tangled pile of drift logs, I unwind the leash from the board and secure the Velcro strap at my ankle.