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unwell / нездоровый
имя прилагательное
unhealthy, unwell, ill, indisposed, unwholesome, ailing
имя прилагательное
consult a doctor if you feel unwell
He looked very unwell indeed, much as if he were fighting off a fever or the flu.
Her twin has been unwell for quite a while now yet she does not seem to have a high temperature or a cold of any sort.
But on Saturday morning she had started whimpering after her morning sleep and was hot, unwell and somewhat limp.
She said her daughter had become unwell when they returned to their hotel room after a day by the swimming pool.
He was full of humor, as I say, even though I saw him last time and he was obviously very unwell .
The woman, who is believed to be elderly, was admitted to Macclesfield Hospital after she complained of feeling unwell .
Each claimed at the court martials at Tidworth he had stayed at home to deal with family problems and their respective mothers had been unwell .
If your pet is feeling unwell , they probably aren't up for their photo being taken.
She had been unwell in the early mornings for two days now, and she was worried.
Then, at about 13,000 feet, Gillian began to feel unwell and was diagnosed by a doctor as having a chest infection.