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unwelcoming / неприветливым
unfriendly, inhospitable
имя прилагательное
having an inhospitable or uninviting atmosphere or appearance.
Jean crept into her cold and unwelcoming bed
Belief remains that, despite the unwelcoming financial climate, someone will pick up this club and invest their time and money in giving it some sort of life.
Kim and her husband have hopped from one suburb in western Sydney to another, leaving behind neighbourhoods which they see as unsafe or unwelcoming .
It details every stage in the painstaking process of lifting a damaged, nuclear-armed submarine off the seabed in one of the most unwelcoming stretches of water in the world.
Her country-inspired contemporary furniture is the perfect choice for anyone put off by the unwelcoming minimalism of most modern design.
The room was bare and unwelcoming , her surroundings felt cold and eerily quiet.
Of course his many opinions are his own and he has every right to express them, but I do object to his chastising English people as unwelcoming .
But, while this description might seem unwelcoming , students see positive aspects to the studio's location as well.
The bar staff were similarly unwelcoming , however.
The owners of this property have had their peace of mind destroyed and will now be very, very unwelcoming of strangers who just happen on the property.
I have never visited a country more unwelcoming to foreigners than England, probably the most xenophobic one in the European Union.