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unwavering / недрогнувший
имя прилагательное
unwavering, unfaltering
имя прилагательное
steady or resolute; not wavering.
she fixed him with an unwavering stare
I could not have led the life I had, were it not for her unwavering support.
The mayor picked him over career police executives for his unwavering political loyalty and subservience.
He has seen Susan through the darkest of times, been an unwavering , solid support for her and their children.
At election times, they were always having a go at him and ribbing him about his unwavering support for me.
He told me all along he would be the champion miler of the world with unwavering optimism and I would say we are three-quarters of the way there now.
Her return to health is a testament to her unwavering resolve and will to live.
Her face was firm, unwavering , jaw set and strong as the nature of William's grin changed.
An unwavering sense of purpose, or destiny, motivates many impostors, and even exposure rarely lessens this desire.
Now many say their country has turned its back on the Taliban after pledging its unwavering support for the US.
With unwavering resolve we support plurality, egalitarianism, and the political process.