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unwary / неосторожный, опрометчивый
имя прилагательное
careless, unwary, indiscreet, incautious, imprudent, unguarded
reckless, rash, heady, hasty, inconsiderate, unwary
имя прилагательное
not cautious; not aware of possible dangers or problems.
accidents can happen to the unwary traveler
But as our experiences show, innocent fun can soon turn into danger for the unwary .
It comes as a surprise to the unwary individual taxpayer.
Both London and Los Angeles can be dangerous places for the unwary .
Amtrak food can only be adequately compared to the execrable fare that used to await unwary travellers at the highway service stations of my youth.
The computer's actual owner may not even know it's infected; some Web pages are designed to infect unwary visitors.
But with the increased acceptance of such activity, great danger lies for the unwary .
This whole process can be done invisibly to the user, so for the unwary , the dangers of transmitting it to others is very real.
The layers of mud all along the yet-to-be asphalted roads are soft and thick enough to either send an unwary rider into a skid or to send an asthmatic to hospital.
In the past, cults were not viewed as national security threats; they were more dangerous to unwary individuals who might succumb to the cult's influence.
The Forest of Dean has dangers enough for the unwary stranger, without these.