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unvoiced / глухой, непроизнесенный
имя прилагательное
deaf, blind, voiceless, outlandish, unvoiced, indistinct
unsaid, undelivered, unvoiced
имя прилагательное
not expressed in words; unuttered.
a person's unvoiced thoughts
(of a speech sound) uttered without vibration of the vocal cords.
This invention presents a voicing determination algorithm for classification of a speech signal segment as voiced or unvoiced .
In addition, family physicians learn to recognize the hesitancy of a patient who has an unvoiced concern about a ‘minor, routine surgery’.
Now that I am not making time for that, my frustration at Cuthbertsonian values going unvoiced is manifesting itself in strange withdrawal symptoms.
His earlier poems are often concise to the point of opacity, full to the brim with emotion - yet with the source of that emotion always left unvoiced .
Whatever other crisis there may be, it is not one of silence or unvoiced opinions, or at least not on The Readme Fray.
No one dwelt on it, but it was an unvoiced refutation of all his arguments.
She executes her role as the lone family friend with a perfect unvoiced presence - her understanding of their isolation is touching.
For once, the cry ‘too little, too late’ greeting most government initiatives went unvoiced .
My second unvoiced thought was actually a question, and I think it's a fair one.
When he was in the room, it wasn't just that no hand went unshook; it was that no story was unheard, no serious argument unvoiced .
Her face, pale and lined, drained of life, speaks of some unvoiced tragedy, as if she's whispering to her party leadership, ‘I said all I was asked to say and still you cast me aside.’