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unutterable / невыразимый, непроизносимый, неописуемый
имя прилагательное
inexpressible, unspeakable, ineffable, unutterable, nameless, speechless
unutterable, unpronounced, silent, aphonic
indescribable, nondescript, beyond description, inexpressible, unutterable, without a name
имя прилагательное
too great, intense, or awful to describe.
those private moments of unutterable grief
Can governments really expect that we will sit and watch images of unutterable misery and do nothing about it?
Her voice had seemed to come from some unutterable distance.
This is about television and the audience, both of which, on the evidence of these programmes, have descended over the past 40 years into a condition of unutterable stupidity.
It is hard to convey quite how profoundly last Tuesday's attack will change the character of New York, but there is a sense of unutterable loss, which the city is still struggling to make sense of.
A problem: said illumination tends to reveal kinks, unpleasant truths, and unutterable feelings.
By consciously subverting the genre of figurative painting, he evokes a miscellaneous sense of emptiness, horror, desire and unutterable inner fire with Eastern religious connotations.
And once again, the thought that Howard was joining the ‘Coalition’ for less than freedom-loving reasons was unutterable .
The stand-out performance is that of her as Julienne, trying to articulate unutterable emotions in a faltering stammer that is simultaneously funny and sad.
From what looked like very bad news came the unutterable relief of very good news.
He writes, ‘It is an unutterable sadness which punctuates the reality that I am called upon to portray, and yet the dominant superstition of my profession demands that I raise a laugh.’