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unusual / необычный, необыкновенный, редкий
имя прилагательное
unusual, extraordinary, odd, different, peculiar, exceptional
unusual, uncommon, unique, exceptional, marvelous, strange
rare, sparse, occasional, uncommon, infrequent, unusual
extraordinary, unusual, singular, terrific, monumental, inconceivable
strange, weird, odd, bizarre, curious, unusual
имя прилагательное
not habitually or commonly occurring or done.
the government has taken the unusual step of calling home its ambassador
We'd also be interested to know of any other sporting stars with unusual middle names.
The court heard that it was not unusual for him to go out and drink 20 pints in an evening.
He is a devoted collector of usual and unusual objects with one thing in common, a history.
The Keighley centre is unusual because the building has twice been used by Buddhists.
snow is unusual for Connemara
In publishing, it is easy to mistake the effects of chance for those of unusual talent.
It is not unusual for him to misunderstand a question and give an answer bearing no relation to it.
It was indeed a very unusual thing to see such a large assembly of people in Westhoughton at so early an hour.
It seems many of us are suckers for a big name, a logo and a fancy box or unusual design.
He is a captain so it maybe a little unusual but more common than what you think.