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untruth / неправда, ложь, неверность
имя существительное
wrong, untruth, falsehood, fib, leasing, sklent
lie, falsehood, lying, deception, untruth, mendacity
infidelity, disloyalty, untruth, titubation
имя существительное
a lie or false statement (often used euphemistically).
they go off and tell untruths about organizations for which they worked
But one should not confuse dramatic urgency with untruth .
Yet remember, this is also an age of untruth and boutique piety.
Recently I've criticized what seemed to me to be the casual attitude toward untruth many in this administration have when it comes to discussing Iraq.
We believe we must treat politicians and those who govern with disrespect, with abuse, with calumny and sometimes untruth .
Perhaps these inconstancies are part of the book's Art - an attempt to discombobulate the audience with extreme contradictions just as the characters live in a state of perpetual untruth and obfuscation.
The more a fact is tweaked, the closer it edges toward untruth - and the more likely it is that people will be led to false conclusions.
It also may include a certain amount of untruth , fantasy disguised through unacknowledged invention.
Sadly, ABC current affairs and documentaries still believe they can use television to reveal hidden truths, whereas younger audiences see the media as part of a landscape of untruth .
The holy lotus, whose essence is white, indicates that knowledge is meticulously clean - untarnished by untruth , while the sitting position signifies wisdom, an indication that the ego must be suppressed.
Truth that is allowed to lurk uncovered becomes a malign entity for in that hidden state it allows untruth to accumulate credence and masquerade as gospel.