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untrained / неподготовленный, необученный
имя прилагательное
unprepared, untrained, unequipped, unarranged, unprovided, extemporaneous
untrained, unskilled, untaught, unschooled, undisciplined, untutored
имя прилагательное
not having been trained in a particular skill.
self-styled doctors untrained in diagnosis
In a taste test, untrained observers also rated the organic apples to be the sweetest of the bunch.
But he stressed that making sure water was purified or boiled when living off the land was difficult for the untrained .
Striking firefighters warned that it would be dangerous for untrained army firefighters to use breathing apparatus.
Your voice, most likely untrained , should serve as just another whispering instrument.
The youth who is trained and encouraged becomes an asset and an untrained youth remains a liability to the nation.
We sent in too few troops and those we sent were untrained and inexperienced.
These tend to use untrained youngsters in order to save on costs.
Obstetric forceps are potentially dangerous in the hands of untrained or inexperienced obstetricians.
We would have an army of untrained teenagers with not much in the way of skills.
The figures for untrained teachers were compiled by the trade union in the first fortnight in September.