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untoward / неблагоприятный, несчастливый, своенравный
имя прилагательное
adverse, unfavorable, disadvantageous, inauspicious, untoward, unfriendly
unhappy, unfortunate, unlucky, untoward, infelicitous, ill-fated
wayward, capricious, willful, restive, crotchety, untoward
unsuccessful, failed, unfortunate, unlucky, abortive, untoward
unseemly, indecent, unsuitable, untoward, unbeseeming, graceless
имя прилагательное
unexpected and inappropriate or inconvenient.
both tried to behave as if nothing untoward had happened
Unfortunately, prognostic error may have untoward effects on both patient care and social policy.
People roamed the streets, drove their cars, popped into a cafe for a coffee - nothing visibly untoward or unusual.
Detectives would also like to hear from anyone who may have noticed anything untoward around the train station at any time.
Nor, he insists, was there anything odd or untoward about his advocating the break up the United Kingdom while he was a servant of the state.
A man would be lewd with, or proposition, or tell an untoward joke toward a female.
He claimed that he went to the flat in August but denied anything untoward took place and he said the second incident was entirely consensual.
People always blame the legal system whenever something untoward happens.
However, the steady, stable nature of the industry means shareholders receive few untoward profit surprises.
Any untoward effects appear first in this sensitive age group.
Aside from a few bemused looks from passers-by and a few words with the police, nothing untoward happened.