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untouched / нетронутый
имя прилагательное
intact, untouched, pristine, virgin, untapped, unaffected
имя прилагательное
not handled, used, or tasted.
Annabel pushed aside her untouched plate
not affected, changed, or damaged in any way.
Prague was relatively untouched by the war
Thousands of miles of unspoilt coastline, isolated and untouched lakes and pristine mountain ranges are there for the discovering.
A plate of wilted fruit and a glass of untouched water lay on a night stand beside my bed.
Although the internet is a marvel when it comes to spreading information worldwide, it seems to me that some subjects are better left untouched .
Virtually untouched by the outside world, these islands have only a handful of residents.
She only recently began sorting through her late husband's belongings, which have been left untouched at their home in Hertfordshire.
It may be disused fitness equipment, untouched kitchen gadgets or scores of unwanted CDs and books.
To add insult to injury, several supermodels left their plates untouched , a new twist on the concept of world hunger.
Now he sits before a half-drunk coffee, a plate of untouched biscuits and an overflowing ashtray.
She ate in the classical female style, leaving at least half the food on her plate untouched .
Kerala's forests are totally untouched by artists, he adds.