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unto / к, до
to, for, by, towards, toward, unto
to, before, until, till, prior to, unto
He who wants to remain free, must fight unto death those who are intent upon depriving him of his freedom.
We are to be faithful unto death, discovering our life in Christ and Christ's life in us.
He even threatened to fast unto death to get his alcoholic father to break the habit.
Often, they are found in pairs and share strong bonds that are never broken, even unto death.
He's going to draw those that belong to him unto himself and it's going to be a wonderful reunion.
I say unto you, be gone
Like any individual he is not an entity unto himself but a meeting point of others that constitute him.
The Bible states clearly a man who takes another man's wife shall be taken without the city walls and stoned unto death.
I say unto you, be gone
It is difficult to spoof a convention when the convention itself is so awful it seems a spoof unto itself.