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untiring / неустанный
  • untiring energy - неутомимая энергия
  • untiring efforts - неустанные усилия
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their actions) continuing at the same rate without loss of vigor; indefatigable.
his untiring efforts on their behalf
It is only due to the untiring efforts of this dedicated band of women that the doctor from Texas will meet his soul mate.
They are untiring fighters for the rights of battered women.
The parish is grateful to him for his presence amongst us, his spiritual anecdotes and his untiring priestly zeal for our spiritual welfare.
But the untiring efforts and killer instinct in them to excel on a par with others took them to the new heights of winning medals at the recently concluded fifth National Athletics Championships at Bangalore.
After all it is infinity itself that the untiring artist wants to grasp more than anything else in the world.
He won the award for his untiring efforts at taking up assignments critical to shop operations and completing them to the satisfaction of his supervisors.
She will also be felicitated during the seminar for her untiring efforts in the field of social development, in particular the promotion of family welfare initiatives.
In addition to receiving the best education that the South could offer blacks at that time, Ella inherited a powerful sense of service that made her civil rights efforts extraordinarily unselfish and untiring .
I have no doubt, that we owe much of our success in that golden era of our athletics, to his thoughtful planning, dedication, guidance and untiring efforts.
‘My father was an inspirational leader and was untiring in his determination to ensure that the business had the best shops, the best staff and the best product for its customers,’ he said.