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until / до, не раньше
to, before, until, till, prior to, unto
не раньше
until, till
до тех пор пока
until, so long as, till, as
up to (the point in time or the event mentioned).
the kidnappers have given us until October 11th to deliver the documents
he held the office until his death
I don't remember anything up until I woke up
This one had sat in a tobacco tin for generations until it was valued at a coin fair.
As soon as the flames go out, add the cider and boil until the liquid has reduced by half.
Up until then it had been very hard on some levels because my family moved around a lot.
The site will not be able to accept this sort of waste until the area is declared safe.
The rules are due to change but until then it still pays you to keep your mileage up.
you don't know what you can achieve until you try
We have lost a lot of stock and are unable to assess the damage until the water levels drop.
It cannot be long until the first offers appear to pay us a modest fee to sign up to their system.