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untie / развязывать, отвязывать, освобождать
untie, loose, undo, unbind, loosen, uncord
untie, disengage, unloosen, unloose, loose, unfasten
rid, free, exempt, release, loose, untie
undo or unfasten (a cord or knot).
she knelt to untie her laces
One of the workers managed to untie himself and called the police.
The woman managed to untie herself when the raiders left with what is believed to be a relatively small sum of money.
As soon as it's tied, I untie and unwrap it again, and set it down on the pedestal.
He had then become so weakened by dehydration and lack of food that he was unable to untie himself.
she knelt to untie her laces
she knelt to untie her laces
He managed to untie himself, came over to tell us and the landlord was so mad he took off after the men with his machete.
He said he was able to untie himself and swim to a nearby boat.
She said the attack lasted only seconds before he let her go and she managed to untie herself.
When she wishes to punish anyone she gives them a basket of one hundred pairs of shoes all with the laces tied in a hundred tight knots and makes them sit and untie every one.