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untenable / непригодный для жилья, непригодный для обороны
имя прилагательное
непригодный для жилья
uninhabitable, untenable
непригодный для обороны
untenable, indefensible
имя прилагательное
(especially of a position or view) not able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection.
this argument is clearly untenable
We tend to jump to untenable conclusions, swayed by popular impressions or simple emotions.
His stance just let the issue grow more out of control and brought his own status at the helm of the Spanish team to an almost untenable position.
When confronted with this argument, many leftists fall back on what seems an untenable position.
The average person, a parent in particular, is being subjected to an untenable level of stress.
He came along and he questioned the chair-man's future and that it could be made untenable .
They were in an untenable position and her lawyer didn't talk to Libby for a year.
If this does not happen, it could create an untenable situation and cause unjustifiable delays.
He's been put in an untenable position and his future in the ruling coalition is being debated openly.
It sounds like an untenable situation, but he remains upbeat.
The reason for its decline should be obvious: for most people the diet is simply untenable .