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untapped / нетронутый
имя прилагательное
intact, untouched, pristine, virgin, untapped, unaffected
имя прилагательное
(of a resource) not yet exploited or used.
a huge, untapped market for bagels
(of a telephone, etc.) free from listening devices.
It has been renovated by the Hilton chain - the bugs have been removed and the telephones untapped .
Aceh is believed to have a huge amount of untapped gas resources.
Bulgaria has many untapped resources that could potentially lead to the success of the country.
Zambia has no reason to be poor since the country is endowed with natural resources - still untapped .
Until only a few years ago, Sudan's oil reserves represented no more than untapped potential.
Academic physics can exploit the untapped resource of its alumnae and alumni in many ways.
It is an untapped market potentially worth millions.
A bee that manages to jimmy open a mistletoe bud gets first access to an untapped store.
Some in the private sector have identified water as the last great untapped natural resource to be exploited for profit.
Namibia is a country full of resources and untapped human potential.
Behind the uncertainty of the future of the British Grand Prix is motor racing's desire to exploit untapped markets, notably in China.